Artist's NOTES

I put into words ideas and motivations about photography as art

Randolph County Courthouse Cuthbert Georgia 2017




RElearning to See  2/27/17

Going through old slides from the 1980s, I am struck by my periods of inaction, that is to say in some years I exposed less than four rolls of film. That seems unbearable now when I feel that i must expose and make pictures nearly everyday. When I don't I begin to feel like that I have nothing more to discover. After a few days of no exposures, I suddenly find myself looking and finding subjects in everyday things I pass everyday-a new framing or perspective. As if these exposures were lying in wait for me to come around to seeing them as they have always been for the first time. The artist is always playing catchup with the first creator-GOD.



New Pocketable Camera  2/27/17

"Sometimes taking photographs in places  where carrying a full-size DSLR isn't practical or appropriate, I like to have a pocketable Point and shoot with manual controls. For the last several years that has been my Canon Powershot G12 an wonderful choice given its full manual controls, 28mm wide angle , and the articulating screen. The camera's ability to shoot 1080P video was a big plus covering school events as the teacher of the school's TV Production class. Alas good things ... The G12 began acting up. Diagnosed with a bad sensor and repairs no longer available at a price that made the expense worth it, I began looking around for an alternative.I discovered the freshly minted Canon Powershot G7X Mark II. This little camera is truly pocketable sporting a one-inch sensor that performs well under low light with a 24mm-100mm zoom.  The sweet little camera arrived and i am very satisfied. 


Seeing  2/23/17

"It is uncanny how I have developed the ability to detect ruined houses in there overgrown environments. I ride down the highway or dirt road and suddenly I am compelled to turn my head and discover in the wall of trees or brush the faint outline of an old house or building." 


Choosing Subject Matter  2/2/17

"Which is the more important subject for my photography/art people or things. I have focused on things most of my life. Reading the bio of Doris Ulmann who concentrated upon people as subjects makes me realize that I am being pulled toward portraits with all the emotional hesitancy that comes with it!"


Memory  12/14/16

"I'm always amazed these days with how my memory dictates what I see. This image began with my pulling my truck off the road to capture the last seconds of the sun as it set over Choctawhatchee Bay, This is a ritual I have repeated literally hundreds of times. Now it is less a sunset and more a testament of my own waning life and all those voices that have shaped me. They speak from within me from their places beyond this vale of tears."


Hidden Past  11/4/16

"The past is still here to see, to digest, to circumscribe, in places gated & closed, described as abandoned, places that linger for a time when their usefulness is extinguished and they persist unseen and forgotten until their unlikely discovery by the eyes of the camera seeking novelty searching for confirmation of long loved memories."


No Title  10/8/16

"There is a beauty in the end of certain familiar things in which a photograph can, almost, perfectly mimic, your memory." 


What Is Art, Anyway?  9/23/16

"Sometimes it may be far easier to define my art, my photographs in terms of what they are not than it is to precisely put a finger on it."

Purpose  8/15/16

Sometimes it may be far easier to define my art, my photographs, in terms of what they are not, rather than how they appear. It is not necessarily about documenting the world. It is more about discovering a poetic essence in a place concrete or imagined. The vestiges that men and the elements have wrought sometimes goes unnoticed. I am in the business of noticing in the commonplace a deeper meaning incumbent on the viewer to recognize and interpret through their on eye obscuraIf this all sounds like a bit of mumbo-jumbo it may very well be, but the result can be engaging, arresting, and sometimes a beautiful image made of light. That is to say, that the world has in it traces that the artist might reveal or develop. Like scratching the surface of the ground to reveal a pattern of bricks that may have been the foundation of a house, someone’s home. The artist then may channel the memory of the place into his expression.








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