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Sometimes it may be far easier to define my art, my photographs, in terms of what they are not, rather than how they appear. It is not necessarily about documenting the world. It is more about discovering a poetic essence in a place concrete or imagined. The vestiges that men and the elements have wrought sometimes goes unnoticed. I am in the business of noticing in the commonplace a deeper meaning incumbent on the viewer to recognize and interpret through their on eye obscura. If this all sounds like a bit of mumbo-jumbo it may very well be, but the result can be engaging, arresting, and sometimes a beautiful image made of light. That is to say, that the world has in it traces that the artist might reveal or develop. Like scratching the surface of the ground to reveal a pattern of bricks that may have been the foundation of a house, someone’s home. The artist then may channel the memory of the place into his expression.

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