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When GPS Really Finds The Backroads

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

It doesn't happen often, but recently while driving through southwest Georgia the GPS in my iPhone decided that the best route was literally through the woods. We were traveling north on US 27, a recently widened highway rechristened in 2011, the "Scenic Hometown Highway", when near Cuthbert Georgia our GPS directs us to make a turn off the highway onto a dirt road. At first I was a bit hesitate, but my companion her paper road map in front of her, assured me that the suggested route was in fact the most direct and fastest route Weren't we out trying to find old buildings, the older and more historical the better, and wasn't more likely in some section where progress had stopped years back.

Map of route generated by Google Maps on my iPhone. US27 to GA41 by way of the once thriving Benevolence Ga.

The detour consisted of three sections of dirt road, connecting US 27 on the west with GA 41 on the east. We turned off of Ga 27 onto County 162 the Benevolence Pumpkin Road (paved at first but soon becoming clay). We traveled along this road for a few miles until we dead ended into another paved road The Benevolence Highway where we turned north and came upon the settlement once the town of Benevolence. The most striking structure was a Church on the right on the corner of Benovolence Highway and Highway 104.

Benevolence Baptist Formed in 1840 as Mount Paran.

Directed by our GPS we turned right onto the paved Highway 104 -The Lumpkin Road. In a few miles Lumpkin Road gives way to Richland Road and becomes clay.

The Richland section of Highway 41 meanders through farming and timberland punctuated with the occasional buildings and houses either abandoned or dormant. The road finally emerges on GA 41 at a church.

Brooksville Baptist Church Established 1858

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