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All Mobile Photography, Baby....Or Using Your Phone To Make Professional Quality Images

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

Professional Mirrorless or DSLR Vs. iPhone XS

The hackneyed spiel begins, "I would not imagined doing serious photography on my phone". followed by a blow by blow of why the smart phone has replaces the DSLR. Well, I am that place in the road that my iPhone (XS) has become my go to camera. It is not important to list all the technical reasons, we all know those already.

The iPhone XS - Your Newest Pro Camera?

Personally, my best reason is and old one, "the best camera is the one you have with you." Certainly that is true of my smart phone, I always have it on me. If I leave the house, even for a short run to the store, and discover I didn't bring my phone along, I have to turn around and go back. Our phones have become the center of our personal universe, life without them even for a few minutes throws us into a terror.

It's not just the advances in the iPhone camera and software, but the maturity of editing software that equals what is available on a desktop computer. Along with those important milestones, the availability of high quality auxiliary lens and filters.

For a few years I have shot my daily personal shots with my iPhone. I religiously shoot (record) my plates (posted on my Standard Eats Instagram) focusing mostly on my breakfast. However lately, I have begun using my iPhone to capture subjects that in the past required my DSLR and array of lens such as street, and even some landscape work.

Recently, I have began shooting and processing directly in the Lightroom Mobile App which gives me the ability to work with high resolution images and use the same tools as I use on my computer.

Edit on your iPhone just like on your computer.

My next foray will be using Sandmarc Lens that I recently received. I have the Macro, the Telephoto, and the Wide lens. They are easily mounted with a specially made iphone case that allows the lens to me mounted quickly and easily. I have began using the wide in several of my shoots but was disappointed to discover I could use the wide lens in the portrait mode to get a wider field "bokeh" such as is possible with the iPhone XR. The lens is sharp and allows you to get into those tight places. Lens quality is very very good. I've experimented a bit with the macro and tele but have had fewer occasions to use them.

The Sandmarc Photography Edition for iPhone XS

As time allows I plan to continue to develop my workflow. But, it is important to note, that the hardware and software are defiantly moving us toward professional quality images from our phones.

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